There seems to be some type of network issue in KC at this time affecting Zarg server, the datacenter is investigating the loss of packets. We will update here when they give us a response.

From the Data Center 
"This should now be back online and is responding to ping. There was a network issue in this area of the DC that has since been resolved.

We have also looked at the kernel running on the machine and saw there was a new one available which notes the following

3. Bug Fixes


  • vzfs-to-ploop conversion on running container could crash the host. (PSBM-99030, PSBM-100878)
  • Container stop operation could hang. (PSBM-100203)
  • Container restore operation could crash the host due to incorrect symbolic link processing. (OVZ-714

So we are going to perform a kernel update to be on the safe side and reboot the machine, expected downtime for those on Zarg will be around 6 minutes.

System rebooting now - 3:03 PM
System responding to ping 3:05 PM 
System back online -  3:07 PM

Monday, February 10, 2020

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